At The Yoga Partnership we are passionate about providing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to people who do not have access to a regular class and sometimes that is because there is not a physical class offered in close proximity to your location. So our solution is to take the yoga online, with a dedicated class schedule into the lounge rooms, farm yards, works sheds and back verandas of people living outside of Queensland’s major cities. Come and meet people living rurally from all over the state, enjoy some movement and calming breathing, have a few laughs and stay online for a cuppa after class. Come as you are, where you are and who knows where you will meet people from. We know life living out of the city can have added stresses of climate, access, isolation and more. Yoga can help with the physical, mental and emotional effects of each.

2 classes per week until the end of November

The program is fully funded and the classes are free to join if you live outside of a major Queensland City


SUNDAYS 9.30am 

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Meet Audra teaching Tuesday 6.15am class

Yoga Teacher 

I have always found joy and freedom in movement and spent most of my youth and early adult years sampling many different sports & physical activities.

Yoga has many benefits, but for me the real joy is in the way that it simply makes one feel better. I am a Yoga Therapist, with certificates in Trauma Aware Yoga, Yoga Therapy for Stress Management, Yoga Therapy for Depression

I am in my late 40’s, I have been teaching yoga for 20 years and I still love sharing it with others. I am passionate about making yoga accessible, teaching beginners and like to make those who feel nervous at ease. Having grown up and then lived in rural areas of Queensland, Audra is excited to be able to share the practice to similar communities.

I look forward to sharing many of my favourite techniques with you as we develop a fun, nurturing and supportive community of Rural & Remote yogis.

Meet Katie – Teaching Sunday’s at 9.30am

Yoga Teacher

The benefits of yoga have helped me navigate around some of the challenge’s life has thrown at me.

Katie’s classes are suitable for all levels and all ages.  For people who have been practicing for years or for those who have not tried it before.  Don’t worry if you have never done yoga before. One should expect the classes to be chilled out, with lots of mindfulness woven through.

Katie wants to show everyone that yoga not only helps you  age gracefully, gain flexibility and build strength, but also demonstrate how amazingly good it is for your mental health.  Katie lives in Erakala – North Queensland and can’t wait to connect to people from all over regional Queensland through this program.

Practicing yoga just does not happen on the mat, we can incorporate yoga off the mat into our everyday lives. This is where the magic really happens!