At The Yoga Partnership we are passionate about providing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to people who do not have access to a regular class and sometimes that is because there is not a physical class offered in close proximity to your location. So our solution is to take the yoga online, with a dedicated class schedule into the lounge rooms, farm yards, works sheds and back verandas of people living outside of Queensland’s major cities.

We are grateful for the support of the Rural Doctors Foundation and the Grants for Good Health for making this possible, running 2 online classes each week throughout 2021. We are continuing the 2 weekly classes (open to everyone) with their support in 2022 and we have been running specific short courses throughout the year.

Come and meet people living rurally from all over the state, enjoy some movement and calming breathing, have a few laughs and stay online for a cuppa after class. Come as you are, where you are and who knows where you will meet people from. If you are pregnant, please contact us before signing up for the general classes.

Please know we are working behind the scenes to gain extra funding through grants, corporate sponsorship and donations to expand this program. We hope to open up more places by adding extra weekly classes and offer more short course. We appreciate your patience.

Thur 6.15am class re-commences July 21 REGISTER HERE

Sun 8.30am class re-commences July 24 REGISTER HERE

Meet Katie Thomson teaching Thursday 6.15am class

Yoga Teacher 

I am a yoga teacher and yoga therapist who grew up in Northwest NSW and have been teaching full time for 9 years now.

One of my favourites sayings is ‘if you can breathe, you can do yoga’ and as such you will find my classes friendly, welcoming and inclusive.

The hardest thing you will do is make the commitment to join in, from there we will move with the breath to unravel, to relax and to steady the mind as you know that is where peace lies.

I will be live-streaming from my new adventure which is 22 acres in the Mary Valley – it’s back to the country for me!  I look forward to seeing you there.

Meet Katie Finch – Teaching Sunday’s at 8.30am

Yoga Teacher

The benefits of yoga have helped me navigate around some of the challenge’s life has thrown at me.

Katie’s classes are suitable for all levels and all ages.  For people who have been practicing for years or for those who have not tried it before.  Don’t worry if you have never done yoga before. One should expect the classes to be chilled out, with lots of mindfulness woven through.

Katie wants to show everyone that yoga not only helps you  age gracefully, gain flexibility and build strength, but also demonstrate how amazingly good it is for your mental health.  Katie lives in Erakala – North Queensland and can’t wait to connect to people from all over regional Queensland through this program.

Practicing yoga just does not happen on the mat, we can incorporate yoga off the mat into our everyday lives. This is where the magic really happens!

Meet Darci teaching the 4 week Beginner course and the Yoga for Anxiety Course starting June 1

Yoga Teacher 

Darci specializes in technical alignment and intricate verbal adjustments.

Her teaching style is accessible to the total beginner and will enable you to rhythmically explore the layers of your body, so you can consciously dissolve tension and also feel into the origin of your discomfort.

Darci is super passionate about delivering the philosophy of Yoga in a way that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible. These teachings are for everybody, and are conveyed in a way that meets you exactly where you are. She teachers students to become yoga teachers, so has a way with breaking things down so you can understand and integrate into your mind and body. You will be given plenty of options to adapt to where your body is at on any given day. All classes are layered in a way that includes everyone.

Meet Trudy teaching the Online Chair Yoga course starting June 2

Yoga Teacher 

I personally have had a lot of back issues, including two operations on my lower back, and I’ve even taught yoga from a wheelchair at times.

Trudy has been teaching yoga for 8 years. Her main focus of teaching is for mobility, flexibility and to alleviate back aches and pains. Using personal experience and training, she brings them together to help as many people as she can by making classes adaptable to all.

Trudy is excited that through the power of the internet, she can now share this offering with people living in rural areas of Queensland. Location shouldn’t be a barrier to be able to look after yourself and learn ways to ease back pain. It is so great that online allows so many more people to learn about and practice Chair Yoga.