The Yoga Partnership donation program –

Buy someone a yoga mat – Not an actual mat, a virtual one!

Think of everything you feel when you are on your yoga mat and then think of the people in Australia who don’t have the opportunity to feel what you do. It could be due to location, wealth, health or so many other reasons. Why not buy them a spot on a mat and help us take yoga to the people who need it most.

Now, as you lay on your mat to practice yoga or go along to your regular class or group, you will know that your contribution has provided someone in need, a mat to retreat to, a much needed yoga classes, a toolkit of mindfulness activities for when life gets tough. Whether you can donate one class, or three, it all adds up to ensure those that need it most, have access to yoga.

The Yoga Partnership needs funds to run each and every program! We apply for government grants, work in partnership with foundations and philanthropists to fund our programs, however we have so many programs we are ready to get off the ground with dedicated teachers and partners, we just need the funding. Our programs include:

  • Rural and Remote Yoga

  • Auslan Yoga for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community

  • Yoga for refugees

  • Seniors Programs

  • All abilities yoga including wheelchair accessible yoga

  • Teen programs

  • Yoga for Anxiety

  • Yoga for Cancer

  • Yoga for Women and Children impacted by domestic violence

The Yoga Partnership is a registered charity. All donations are tax deductible.

It is our ongoing commitment to our mission to provide the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to communities, groups and individuals that need it most. Key barriers to yoga is the cost, access to a proper mat, transport and accessibility.

Our programs are delivered for free or at a minimal cost in a convenient and safe location for participants.

Help us achieve more of this

Your contribution will ensure someone less fortunate, marginalised or suffering adversity will have access to:

  • Accessible yoga and mindfulness classes

  • High quality teachers aligned to the audience or group

  • Ongoing support with equipment or technology

  • Support from the entire TYP team for funding, promotion and evaluation

  • Classes across Australia

Make a donation

  • Help fund  our  programs:
    • We need more rural classes, we have so much interest and need to fund at least two more classes each week to keep up with demand.
    • Our Pink Lady Retreats which offer non clinical support to those going through a cancer diagnosis needs funding.   Help those with a cancer diagnosis learn to move and trust their bodies again and support their mental and emotional health.

Not sure how much to donate? Here’s some ideas:

Buy someone a spot on a mat for one class – $30

Provide one trial class for a group in need, allowing a group of 10-30 people a chance to try yoga – $200

Sponsor a one month trial program to a new group in need – $1000

Sponsor a program for a year (one class per week) – $5000

Or choose any amount of your choice and combined with the generosity of the people like yourself, we will make the above happen.

The Yoga Partnership Ltd is a registered charity with DGR status and all donations are tax deductible. If you are a business and would like to support one of our programs, please get in touch and we will ensure your support, brand and logo are known by all those it helps.

Become a partner

Contact us and see how we can work together to benefit your community. All partners are provided with full sponsorship packages.