We are passionate about offering free or low cost yoga to the people who need it most.

We speak to a lot of people who could benefit from yoga and do not currently have access.

We chat to lots of yoga teachers and listen to their ideas about particular groups in their communities that yoga isn’t reaching.

We write a lot of grant applications and contact a lot of community groups and other charities to see how we can partner.

We fund our programs with successful grant applications, contracted work with local councils and corporate sponsorship.

To get trial programs off the ground or to build on our existing programs where the demand is much higher than our funding provides, we reach out to you.

We are in the process of planning some “FUN” events to raise money. Please come along and enjoy one of these “FUN”draising events and know that you are helping delivery yoga to others.

We are a registered charity and can accept donations from people living in Queensland.

If you are a business that can offer donations/sponsorship we have DGR status, making all donations tax deductible. Please get in touch to discuss programs that align with your business values.

Stay tuned as we plan our next “FUN’draising events.