We are passionate about providing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to people who do not have access to a regular class and sometimes that is because there is not a physical class offered in close proximity to your location. So our solution is to take the yoga online, with a dedicated class into the lounge rooms, farm yards, works sheds and back verandas of people living outside of major cities in NSW, VIC and TAS.

Come and meet people living rurally, enjoy some movement and calming breathing, have a few laughs and stay online for a cuppa after class. Come as you are, where you are and who knows where you will meet people from. If you are pregnant, please contact us before signing up for the general classes.

We know life living out of the city can have added stresses of climate, access, isolation and more. Yoga can help with the physical, mental and emotional effects of each. We are grateful for the support of Bulk Nutrients and the Bulk Gives Back Grants, for making this course free to join for people living in regional NSW, VIC and TAS.

6 week Beginner Online Yoga Course

Starting Wed July 20