We are passionate about providing the benefits of yoga and mindfulness to people who do not have access to a regular class and sometimes that is because there is not a physical class offered in close proximity to your location. So our solution is to take the yoga online, with a dedicated class into the lounge rooms, farm yards, works sheds and back verandas of people living outside of major cities across Australia.

Come and meet people living rurally, enjoy some movement and calming breathing, have a few laughs and stay online for a cuppa after class. Come as you are, where you are and who knows where you will meet people from. If you are pregnant, please contact us before signing up for the general classes.

We know life living out of the city can have added stresses of climate, access, isolation and more. Yoga can help with the physical, mental and emotional effects of each.

We keep our courses low cost at a $25 donation and this will help fund 2024 online rural classes. It is tax deductible as we are a fully registered charity.

Donation Based Online Yoga with Darci

6 week course

Starts Wednesday September 6

6.30pm (Qld time)

6pm (SAN/NT)

4.30pm (WA time)


Combining asana (movement), pranayama (breathing) and meditation, with options for beginner and intermediate students.


Meet Darci – Yoga Teacher 

Darci specializes in technical alignment and intricate verbal adjustments.

Her teaching style is accessible to the total beginner and will enable you to rhythmically explore the layers of your body, so you can consciously dissolve tension and also feel into the origin of your discomfort.

Darci is super passionate about delivering the philosophy of Yoga in a way that is interesting, practical, simple and accessible. These teachings are for everybody, and are conveyed in a way that meets you exactly where you are. She teachers students to become yoga teachers, so has a way with breaking things down so you can understand and integrate into your mind and body. You will be given plenty of options to adapt to where your body is at on any given day. All classes are layered in a way that includes everyone.

Meet Kelly – Yoga Teacher 

I live in the beautiful Central Queensland Highlands. I am a wife, a dog mum to Red, a yoga and mindfulness teacher, and work full-time in Finance and HR. Yoga and meditation has taught me about how I am responding day to day and how I am showing up in my mind and and body. I am not perfect because I practice and teach yoga and mindfulness, I am also human who makes mistakes, has bad days but the yoga and mindfulness has taught me how I can show up in those times. I also have had injuries and back pain and have learnt that yoga, walking, and strength training have played a huge role in recovery as well as my attitude.

Kelly has been practicing yoga for the past 10 years and she fell in love with the practice, teaching for the past 6. She teaches Vinyasa (breath focused flow) and with and is slowing down as she ages. Combined with a Yin style called Long Slow Deep, incorporating mindfulness into all of her classes, you will leave grounded and relaxed.

I will leave you with my favourite saying ‘messy yoga is better than no yoga at all!’

Meet Bistra – Yoga Teacher 

Teaching since 2014 when she completed her 300hr course at My Health Yoga in Brisbane, Bistra has been continuously developing her skills and knowledge ranging from restorative and yin yoga, power and Yoga for BJJ, to more specialised variations like chair yoga and aqua yoga. She has experience in working with people from all walks of life, from martial artists and weightlifters, to cyclists, swimmers, and gymnasts, as well as people who have been injured, or are living with mental illness and anxiety. Her ambition is to help those in need and provide them with tools to be able to heal themselves and continually develop in their own time beyond classes.
“Bistra is a calm, intuitive, and adaptive instructor who listens and understands the needs of clients to provide the most effective practice to suit them physically, mentally and emotionally.”