We work in partnership with you to understand your community and your needs.

We can support your health and wellbeing programs by providing:

  • Yoga and mindfulness programs that are customised

  • Recruitment, evaluation, funding, and reporting

We look to make our work sustainable and long term and we provide the tools, experience and support to recruit, engage with and demonstrate outcomes from our partnership.

We tailor programs to reach specific evidence-based outcomes and work with a national network of teachers with specific specialist areas to align to meet your needs.

yoga therapy workshops


We work with our clients to align yoga and mindfulness programs to the need and outcome. Benefits of practising yoga and mindfulness are immediate and practical, so our programs work alongside current programs and supports.

  • Low intensity mental health services

  • Recovery

  • Disease prevention and management

  • Emergency relief

  • Trauma and addiction

  • Youth

  • Shelters and out of home care

  • End of life and palliative care

  • Aged care

  • Cancer care, treatment centres and hospitals

  • Indigenous health

  • LGBTIQ communities

  • Social isolation

  • Rural and remote communities

  • Community clubs


“Regular online yoga gave me the strength to keep moving forward and be accountable to care for myself.  It gave me that human to human interaction we so dearly miss”

We spoke to women in regional areas of Queensland who were stressed, anxious, overweight, lonely and in physical pain. We started an online class where we could help all of these concerns and stay online for a cuppa and chat to build a social connection. The result – yoga to women in remote areas of Queensland.

yoga school

Why yoga and mindfulness?

Based on evidence yoga and mindfulness is becoming professionally researched and the benefits are many. Research and program evaluations suggest that mind-body practices can provide significant relief of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, and many physical ailments.

Mind-body programs are inexpensive, adaptable to different cultures and conditions, and can be taught rapidly to large numbers of people. The Yoga Partnership does not replace programs and treatments but provides support to services already being offered.


We nut out all those details together to make sure everything from the location, program, teacher and timing meets your needs. Let’s put our minds together and make the magic (yoga) happen.

We want to ensure cost is not a barrier and work through various funding streams for the best outcome for partners and participants.

Outreach, we come to you, in a space that is familiar and comfortable in person or online. We help find appropriate venues for each group.

We ask lots of questions about your group to understand any limitations and work with you to tailor our programs. Movement is one small portion of the totality of yoga and most of our participants have never practised before. If you can breathe, we can find a way to partner.

Partner with us

Together we can deliver yoga and mindfulness programs to those who need it most.