yoga for mental health

The Yoga Partnership was founded to take yoga to those that need it most.

Quite simply we understand the power that yoga and mindfulness can have in mental health, emergency relief, trauma recovery and so many other areas, yet this highly researched wellness modality is not always easy to access for everyone.

So, we’ve come up with a new model to make sure the groups that need it, can access it easily, safely and in a place that suits them. We work in partnership to gain funding, tailor programs, align qualified teachers, recruit participants, train teachers and provide ongoing evaluation.

Our partnership approach includes:

  • Tailoring programs to help meet your specific needs and outcomes

  • Working with a network of local, passionate, qualified and experienced teachers

  • Outreach into your community, facility, group, and safe space

  • Assisting with participant recruitment and involvement

  • Providing reporting, evaluation and evidence-based outcomes to clients and funders with access to university based neuroscience research

  • Promoting yoga and mindfulness to overcome any stigma

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Why yoga and mindfulness?

Based on evidence, yoga and mindfulness is becoming professionally researched and the benefits are many. Research and program evaluations suggest that mind-body practices can provide significant relief of anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, and physical ailments. Mind-body programs are:

  • inexpensive
  • adaptable to different cultures and conditions, and
  • can be taught rapidly to large numbers of people.

The Yoga Partnership does not replace programs and treatments but provides support.


amy booth the yoga partnership

Amy Booth

Amy has 20 years’ experience as a teacher and has seen firsthand the amazing benefits of yoga and mindfulness practice. Having turned to yoga and meditation dealing personally with depression and anxiety and to deal with the pain of chronic migraines, she knows how valuable a tool it is.

With special interests in mental health, resilience and real life applications, Amy knew that the studio, gym or workshop model of yoga was not reaching the people that need it most. She had to design her own model and support the yoga industry.

beth burgess

Beth Burgess

Beth has 20 years’ experience in communications and stakeholder engagement working with major organisations, government and not for profits. With a special interest in diversity and inclusion and after recently completing her yoga training Beth was saddened that yoga, while so beneficial, was stereo-typically targeting such a small proportion of the population.

With a fire in her belly for change she is using her experience in communication, funding, research and evaluation to ensure The Yoga Partnership model developed is scalable and sustainable and that her skills will support partners in gaining funding, intake and promotion and evaluation.

To bring yoga to those who need it most, we partner with:

  • Community centres

  • Hospitals and treatment centres

  • Community groups

  • Low intensity mental health providers

  • Not for profits

  • Emergency relief providers

  • Funders and philanthropists

  • Mental health support services

“I had forgotten how good it feels to move my body gently.”

We spoke to Sign & Us about how we could teach yoga to the deaf community. Through lots of questions and experimentation we went to their location, used vibrations, fans, Auslan and agreed upon signs to teach yoga to people who haven’t been able to join group classes before. The result – yoga to the deaf community.

Partner with us

Let’s work out how we can work together, we have lots of questions and we bet you do too.